Alpha Male Breeding Fantasy with Carmen – Part 2

     This is part 2 of my Alpha Male Breeding Fantasy. If you missed part 1 you can read right here!  Before she knew it he was removing his pants to reveal his cock already erect and ready. He reached and removed her pants in almost an effortless motion. “I want you,” he said slipping his cock between her vaginal lips, rubbing a bit before sliding it in. Carmen let out a yelp as the pain hit her. “Are you ok?” he asked waiting for her to tell him to move. “Uh… uhhuhh,” she managed to say before he began thrusting into her.

     She bit down on her lip to keep from crying out as he entered her again and again, harder each time. It hurt, but it felt amazing. “Alpha,” she moaned out.  He growled as he continued to thrust. “I want you…. To,” he said moaning a bit himself.


       He gripped her hips causing her to cry out in pain and she felt him pressing his head against her shoulder. “I’m close,” he said thrusting harder than ever now. It felt like he was all the way up to her stomach as he began to cum. He filled her up and continued to cum inside of her. It wasn’t until then that she realized that the condom was still laid on the table next to them.

       She tried to pull away but was unable to. It was almost as if a knot was holding her there against her will.  “We forgot the condom,” she said panicking as she continued to try and pull away. “I wasn’t going to use it. How could I breed with you if I couldn’t put my seed inside of you?,” he asked finally finished with filling her. She looked at him baffled. Was he serious? Why couldn’t she pull away?

“I want you… to have my pups”

 “I want you…. To have my pups,” he said finally able to finish his sentence. “Your… your pups?” she said growing scared. “I”m the alpha wolf. You are now my alpha female.” He took her in his arms and ran his hands through her hair. “You will be protected as long as you have my pups in you, I won’t let anything happen to you or them,” he said softly. The thought comforted her. She wrapped her arms around him and layed her head on his chest. “Feel better?” he asked noticing her act of submission. She nodded and started to fall asleep. She was finally able to leave, but something deep inside her told her to stay.

I hope you enjoyed this alpha male breeding fantasy story.  Make sure you purchase my audio to hear this story in my sexy voice.

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