ALIEN FUCK Was it real or just a great dream part 1

I was out lying by the pool on a hot Saturday afternoon thinking about how badly I wanted to get fucked.

“God, I needed to get fucked!  I am so horny for my pool guy!”

I had a really cute pool guy that I would use for more than just cleaning my pool!  He was young good looking and well hung!  Yes, I was getting wet just thinking about him.  How I love the feel of his tongue on my clit. not to mention how it feels to have that big cock thrust into my wet waiting pussy!

It was right about then that I heard the gate open and in walked my Pool Guy!  I sat up in anticipation!  He knew I was ready for him!  I always sunbathe in the nude, so when I sat up he could see that my pussy was wet and waiting.

“Hi there, are you waiting for me or my cock!”

“Your cock of course, but you may cum along and please me if you can!”  He was always one to accept a challenge.  Strutting over to me he stripped out of his shorts and I could see he was very happy to see me.  He dropped down to his knees in front of me and started in on my pussy right away!

Leaning back I spread me legs to give him better access.

His magical tongue started on my clit and worked on down until he was actually tongue fucking me!  It was right about then that we both heard it!  Kind of a loud whooshing noise.  Looking up we both saw it at the same time.  A huge disk shaped object hoovering right over head.  We both jumped up at the same time staring over head!  So much for being horny for my pool guy!

“What the Fuck is that?”

“I have no idea!” We were both too stunned to move!  A beam of light came out and shined right down to the pool from the underside of the disk.  Slowly we both backed up toward the house.  It was then that we saw that there was something or someone traveling down the beam of light toward us!

Too stunned to say anything, we just stood and stared because what else were we going to do?

This thing, whatever it was, reached the water of the pool and just kind of glided over it towards us.  It didn’t stop until it was right in front of us.  I was kind of hiding behind the pool guy and he was shaking!

Slowly this thing stuck his finger out and pointed directly at me.

I started floating towards him, I had no control, I couldn’t stop!  “Help me, help!”  I was reaching for the pool guy, but he was too stunned to do anything.  This thing floated me over to the chase I was just sitting on and sat me down again.  I was powerless to do anything.

At that moment something popped out of it’s body!

It looked like a huge cock!  I just stared at it as the thing moved closer to me.  I wanted to scream, but I was too intrigued.

Come back on Sunday to find out what happens in part 2 of ALIEN FUCK Was it real or just a great dream!

If you want to find out now you can always go and listen to my Audio Blog

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