This is the part of my Ageplay Sex Story that really gets fun! It takes an exciting turn, you see… So far he’s just seen me undress and get all dolled up in the prettiest pink lingerie I own. Totally unaware of the fact that I know he’s standing there, right outside my window peeking in.

Walking over I pulled down the bed, before making my way to shut the light off. 

So, You see, if I was going to make this Dirty Pervs night, I had to get the light off so he didn’t see me appear in the window before him right away! 

There he stood touching himself, as I made my way to the other side of the room. Bending and picking up things along the way so he got a “full view” if you may.  At his point he thought he was in the clear, he wasn’t hiding the fact he was being a dirty perv very well. 

However, I could hear his gaping moaning huffs as he stroked himself. Each time I bent, they got a little more intense. Chuckling to myself once I turned the room dark, making my way over to the bed I pretended to crawl in so he could hear the creak of the wood frame. 

That’s when things got really interesting in this Ageplay Sex Story. 

I could tell by the huffs coming from outside the window he was close to the finish line. Without a word or a sound I quickly reached out, grabbing him by the tuff of clothing at his neck. I pulled him nice and close to the window as I leaned out whispering into his ear “Hands up, you dirty old perv.”

So, At that moment, I could tell his heart almost stopped in fear. However, He had no clue what was going to happen to him. Although, he did know he’d been caught doing something super naughty outside a hot young girl’s window!

Little did he know I had quite the night in store for him… And his credit card. 

Nevertheless, you see, one of my fantasies has always been to totally take advantage of a weak older man. Making him give me anything I want for just the simple comforts he seeks. 

Pulling him towards the window I beckoned him inside. Making him kneel in the middle of the floor I replied with a light hearty chuckle as I turned the light back on. Allowing him to sit there taking in his surroundings, letting it really sink in that he was actually in my bedroom. 

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So, I bet you can imagine the look on his face as I crawled into his lap, informing him that he was going to give me every single thing I wanted. And in return, I would make his dreams come true. 

You see, I know exactly what he wanted. Reaching down I grabbed his hand sliding it right against those soft lacy panties I was wearing. I could tell by the look on his face just how excited he was. 

“Take out your wallet” I giggled as I stuffed his hand down my panties letting him feel the warmth radiating from my hot young cunt! 

To be sure, he was in for a treat! 

So, Come play, Pervs. 



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