Have you ever started changing in your room and felt like someone’s watching you? That’s exactly what happened in this Ageplay Sex Story! The feeling of someone watching me has always driven me wild! I get this tingly feeling between my legs and my heart starts racing like it’s trying to win a marathon!

Could you imagine the Adrenaline rush I feel when I know someone’s being naughty?

For the most part, I absolutely love teasing and tormenting older men who love Ageplay! What better way to do it than to allow them a little sneak-peak before busting them! Letting them know that I’m fully aware of what a filthy naughty perv they are being! Have you ever snuck a peek at someone who was unaware?

Maybe you’ve stood outside smoking a cigar a little too long, glancing through your young neighbor’s window as she was changing for bed?

Could you imagine the thrill of being caught and what would happen as an outcome? Having your true actions brought to light as you’re caught being a naughty ageplay perv! Just some old man trying to get your rocks off?

Although, I had something quite similar to this Ageplay Sex Story happen to me. 

One night after I had finished all of my homework, I was changing, getting ready to lay down for the night. I heard some rustling outside my window. It was a warm summer day, and my window was ajar. The screen had been missing from my prior sneaking-out antics of the summer. 

When I turned to investigate the noise, I saw something flash outside my window. Of course, You will never guess what happened next! 

However, You see, I had to investigate what was going on in this naughty Ageplay Sex Story! 

So, as I peeked out my window to see just exactly what was going on, I noticed someone trying to hide in the bushes. However, he didn’t realize that I saw him at first. So, I quietly opened my window a little more and returned to my duties getting ready for bed.

I was going to make this an EPIC Ageplay story, one he was sure to never forget!

Quickly I returned to the middle of my room, slowly stripping down, I decided to give him one hell of a show. Dawning the prettiest baby pink lingerie I owned, I could see his face come into view as he looked in. His jaw was basically on the ground as I stood there before him, flaunting my hot young figure. 

Could you imagine how it would feel to have a Dirty Old Perv drooling over your hot young body?! Just looking on in awe as you see all of your dreams unfolding in front of you. 

However, It’s never that easy, there’s always a twist in my naughty Ageplay Sex Stories!

Come play, Pervs. 



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