Just think, your ageplay thoughts have been taxing your mind all day. So when you walk into the detention room after school. Thinking that you’re going to have a relaxed night… only to find out that it’s going to be everything but calm. 

Your heart begins to race, the thoughts you’re having of these hot young girls terrorizing your sanity. 

So, can you say no? When hot little Molly walks up to your desk? Will you take one look at the micro-mini sundress she has on and turn her away? She’s been bad after all, her detention report confirms the fact that although she looks sweet, she’s also very spicy. 

She was caught with her boyfriend in the locker room between classes. The note got a bit more graphic than that, but you stopped reading it didn’t you? Simply because you couldn’t take the fact that you weren’t the one caught with the hot little tart sitting there in the front row. 

Twirling her blonde curly pigtail around her finger. You’re aching to touch it, aren’t you?

Haphazardly sucking on the sucker you’ve asked her to remove from her mouth several times now. She’s a rebellious one, isn’t she? Do you have what it takes to get her to listen? I know you keep thinking about bending her over your knee, but that isn’t really an option… is it?

Are you going to ask her to stay after class so you can teach that young little ass a lesson?

Or are you going to sit there, your cock swelling in your pants as you contemplate what her sweet young cunny looks like?  Don’t be a chicken, go ahead. Find out what she has to offer. 

Girls like that, act that way for male attention… So why don’t you go ahead and give in, give her the ageplay she’s wanting? Just look at those eyes sparkle with need as she torments you. 

However, you don’t actually think she’s innocent and just “misguided” do you? Do you need a reality check? You can practically see her panties as she spreads her legs just to tease you. 

Plus, she’s already asked to leave detention early? So why don’t you let her? You don’t have the balls to actually make a move, do you?

Or are you actually going to surprise me? Why don’t you take her by the arm and “Speak” to her in the hallway? You know what I’m referring to… there’s a supply closet right across the hall! Take her sweet little mouth right there and show her what happens to naughty little sluts that try to get their way! 

You’re in charge, not her! Grow some balls, and show that ageplay vixen how it’s really done! 

Or don’t, just pick up your phone and allow me to show you that my balls are bigger than yours. You’re not going to let little ole me show you up too, are you?

So, why don’t you come, play?

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