Have you ever thought about Ageplay and gotten just a little turned on? I know I have! Especially when it involves a hot young thing sweet-talking her way out of detention!

You know, no man can resist a hot young blonde tormenting them with sweet words and dirty outfits! 

The soft giggles radiate through the room as a hot young girl torments you with dirty thoughts of ageplay. Skirts riding up, making you want to drool with need every time you catch a glance. The dirty thoughts run through your mind as you see them carrying on in front of you. You know they are doing it intentionally just to tease you. 

Are you strong enough to resist? I doubt it. 

There’s no way you could resist the way they look at you. You know exactly what they want. Especially when they come up with their lollipops in their mouths, strutting around in those tiny skirts. They know exactly what they are doing, and you’re falling victim to their games, aren’t you? 

Can you resist the hot little blonde in the front row? The one with the pigtails, and bright blue sparkling eyes? She’s been teasing you for weeks now, the skirts she’s wearing just keep getting shorter and shorter… Do you have the power to say no?

What if she walked up to you and sat right on your desk? Spreading her legs and inviting you in for a special little treat?

Do you think that you could tell her, no, to go back to her seat? Or would you spread them a little further and invite her to spend some “extra special” time with you. 

Next time you’re sitting there and you see her spread her legs just a bit, or bend over in front of you. You’re going to think of me, and everything I’ve said here today. You’re going to think about what a dirty naughty Ageplay-loving perv you are! And then you’re going to make one of two choices: 

  1. You’re going to tell her to behave and that it’s against the rules. 
  2. You’re going to tell her to stick around after class and break every moral code you’ve ever agreed to uphold. 

Let’s face it, neither you nor I think you’re strong enough to say no. You’re gonna crumble at the first chance you get. That’s what you have me for. I’m here to help you blow off some steam! To give you a fighting chance against those hot young vixens! 

Come play with me and let’s see if I can satisfy the craving you have for those hot young things! I know it’s exactly what you need! To be totally teased and pleased by someone who’s way out of your comfort zone. 

Just one call to me and my voice will have you yanking your cock to ageplay phone sex! Unable to stop or satiate the desire to have a hot young body wrapped around your aching shaft! 

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