Are you enjoying yourself and my ageplay confession? Well, there’s more where that came from! And a total plot twist that you’d never expect!

You see, he started touching me more and more while we were laying there together. Cuddling with each other as his hands started to roam more and more. It was so freaky! I was so scared. 

However, then his hand started to go a little lower, and he started to rub me a little harder in the spot that I was always warned no one should touch! He just sat there and kept going while I was squeezing my eyes shut trying to pretend like I wasn’t still awake. 

Ageplay is a very real, erotic thing that has been coming to light more and more in our society. 

Little did I know it was one of my family’s biggest secrets. You see, this man who I was staying with really ended up being the person who took my mother’s virginity when she was younger. It was like this whole super-secret family thing. He took my aunts and apparently my cousins and everything. It was crazy to find out! 

However, he told me that I couldn’t tell anyone. All of the naughty things he did to me, the way he touched me and made me feel. It was this massive secret. And I never really understood why, if what he told me was true, and he really did take all of those people’s virginity. 

Could you imagine how you’d feel laying there one night with hands roaming all over you, not knowing what’s going on? It’s one of the scariest exciting ageplay feelings ever. 

Ageplay erotica has since become my favorite, it takes me back to that night. All of the anxious feelings of those older man hands touching me. The feeling of my heart racing still returning to my chest as I being to get more and more anxious for the touch of an older man.

It’s something that will stick with me forever. Always wanted to be touched and admired by someone older than me. To contribute and be an accomplice in other ageplay stories just like a family tradition. 

It’s amazing. The feeling of my panties being slid down as I look up to him anxiously waiting to find out what happens next. The dampness between my legs grew more and more as I let out a soft squeaky whimper. My legs spread involuntarily as he moves his hand against my bare skin. 

All of the feelings will forever stick with me. That I will continue to want more and more of, for the rest of my life. Ageplay is amazing. 

I would love to share stories with you, or maybe even roleplay our own story.

Let’s get started! Come play with me!

So, If you dare. 



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