So I don’t share my Ageplay Stories very often with people I don’t know… Can you keep it a secret? Or are you going to tell everyone!? I hope that in telling you this that you can keep it a super special secret just between you and me. JUST US! Okay?

You see, when I was younger my Pappy’s Friend was babysitting me… And that’s where my Ageplay Story Starts. 

He had always kinda been around the family but I had never gotten really close to him. He would show up at family functions and stuff. But nothing really serious. It just seemed like he was a great family friend and everyone was really super comfortable around him. 

It was a little odd now, looking back that my family would have entrusted me with someone that was just around occasionally. Come to find out he was a lot more entwined with the family than I thought, but that comes later in this Ageplay Story. 

He was watching me while my parents were away for the weekend. I couldn’t stay with family, because they all went away on some stupid grown-up trip without me. They said I was to young to go, and that everything would be okay.

Boy were they wrong. It was the weekend I ended up losing my virginity! Could you imagine how scared I was? Being left with this random man that I didn’t really know. He was so much older than me and kept telling me that it had to be our dirty little secret!


You can’t tell anyone… Or I’ll stop telling you my story! You see, he insisted that I slept with him in his bed, he said that he didn’t want me getting scared of the dark all alone in the spare bedroom. That kinda made sense. 

So I curled up next to him in my care bear jammies and got so comfy with my teddy bear. I felt his arms wrap right around me when I started to fall asleep. It was kinda weird that he was so close to me but I was so comfy that I didn’t pay much attention to it. 

I really liked how his bed felt and the way it felt when he held me SUPER close. He started to slowly rub me, and it felt amazing. 

However, I knew it was kinda wrong. You know, after all, I was always taught that no one should touch me except my parents. What would you do if you were in that situation? I just laid there and pretended like I was asleep while he continued.

I could feel his cold hands trailing across my body, his warm breath on my neck as he grew closer. Then there was something poking me under the blanket. My heart was racing so fast I thought it was going to erupt out of my chest!

So, If you dare. 



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