Age Play Fantasy With Sweet Young Faith Part Two

My neighbor has his fingers in my mouth while the other hand reaches down and undoes his pants. He pulls something out of his underwear and shows it to me. It’s thick and looks like a fleshy popsicle. I’m so dazed and it almost feels like a dream.

I stare at it unsure of what I’m supposed to do. So, he leans onto the couch with his knee on the cushion. Then he pulls my face close to it. It twitches.

He removes his fingers and replaces them with the tip of his peepee. My mouth can barely fit around it but he pushes it in anyway. I look up at him with wide eyes as he starts moving it in and out of my mouth.

He sighs and smiles down at me. I try not to choke and gag but it’s so hard not to. Even though I’m struggling for air and my face is turning red, he doesn’t stop. Instead, he pumps deeper and faster into my sweet mouth.

Finally, after a few minutes, he pulls it out.

It’s soaking wet and I have drool dripping down my chin. I try to catch my breath but he takes my hair in his hands and spins me around. My face is pushed against the back of the couch with my hands at chest level.

He moves behind me and spreads my thighs apart with his knees. His weewee pokes my butt so he moves it down so it’s pressing against my girly parts. I know he’s going to stick it inside me and I know it’s going to hurt. He’s so big and I’m so tiny so how could it not?

His hand moves between my sweet young legs and spreads me open as much as he can. The tip of him moves to my entrance and I squeeze my eyes shut. It stretches me out as it enters. I want to cry out, but I bite the back of the couch instead to muffle my whimpers.

Tears stream down my face as he pushes himself all the way into me with a grunt. It’s almost as if I’m being torn in two but he doesn’t seem to care.

He rests himself inside of me before he pulls out.

Then he pushes it back inside but this time a little harder and a little faster. I scream into the couch as he starts going faster and faster. He’s all the way inside and it hurts, but he’s having such a good time. He wants this and who am I to deny him my young body?

My neighbor holds my hip with one of his hands and wraps the other around me. His arm pulls me close to him so my head is resting against his chest.

The hand gripping my hip moves to my mouth while the other fondles my underdeveloped chest. His strokes are long but hard, the force of them making me bounce up and down.

Suddenly, he pulls me off of him and flips me back around like a ragdoll. Before I know what’s happening, my mouth is back on him. With a loud groan, something shoots out of his tip and down my throat. It’s like thick warm milk and it’s kind of salty.

To my surprise, I kinda like it. I wonder what other kinds of things I’d like.

Thank you for reading my age play fantasy blog! I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

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