Adventures of a Size Queen-I love the ride

I love all things big! I don’t care if it makes anyone feel bad, I want to be stretched to my very limits and this is how I became a true size queen phone sex. My pussy has been busy since I was 13 years old and what can I say a girl loves to fuck! Never ever was attracted to pea-sized, shrimp cocks and I will not start now. My parents tried to shelter me as much as they possibly could, but locking me in the house on most days really didn’t change much for me. I still went to school where my teenage hormones still ran wild. Whenever I saw the boys, OMG and their cock imprint against their gym shorts. Hmmmnnn, a nice sweaty, big meaty cock against jersey shorts. My thoughts strayed a bit there, but you get my point.

My love of cock all started in my short-lived stint as a stripper!

Yes, you heard right! I worked at a club almost 2 hours commute back and forth from where I lived at the time. I certainly didn’t want anyone from the small town I was raised to see me. So I was okay with making this trip daily. I loved my job too! Grinding on these men and carrying on all over the stage had me very excited all the time. On this faithful day, I still remember how debonair this gentle giant was. He came into the club sporting a gray and black Adidas joggers suit. Needless to say I could see his imprint immediately.

What is it about men with big cocks? Their confidence is through the roof, as was his! He asked for a private dance after seeing me on the stage and I knew I was going to enjoy this. Sitting on his lap face to face, my boobs were right in his face. Pulling my pussy directly all the way up to where his pecker was and feeling his massive load.

It was time to grind on this huge cock and make him mine!

Wearing a barely there crotchless thong certainly helped me feel his thick shaft grow beneath my persistent rubs on his crotch. In one quick swoop I had my hand down his pants and I started to stroke his dick, getting it really ready. No words were spoken between us, but we just seemed to know in that moment what was acceptable. Getting down on the ground I took his massive schlong inside my mouth as far as it would go. Using both hands to stroke it, I still was unable to clasp my fingers together too. Where the fuck did this guy get this cock? I was now sold, big and fat cocks were now my ultimate thing.


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Bailey loves cocks, if this excites you, then give me a call!



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