Adventures of a Size Queen-I love the ride Part 2

Needless to say I was now totally hooked on monster cocks. This would forever show how I became a true size queen phone sex too. I did run into a few guys who wanted to trick me into sleeping with them. Some of these guys with their shrimp sized cocks just pissed me all the way off too. For one particular guy, he slipped me his number while I was doing my set on stage and I decided to call. Why not after-all, he was very cute. When we got back to his room and he dropped his pants, I almost died! ‘What the fuck!’ I remember yelling. I wanted to beat his ass with a broom. Or at least his cock to see if it would grow.

Don’t ever fucking waste my time with cocks the size of cherries!

If I was in the mood for cherries, I would just visit the store. I feel duped if you lead me to your room knowing you not packing shit but a giant clit! For one of those shrimp cock dates, I ended calling over one of my monster cock black friends. I let him fuck me senseless in front of my date and then forced my date to do clean-up. He fucking deserved it for deceiving me. So yes, I love huge monster, massive type cocks. Whether they stick straight out or have a curve at the end. I have also mastered the art of getting them all the way to the back of my throat too! Find a way to turn off your gag reflexes and get that shaft rock hard for a good fuck session.

I kind of sound like I’m writing my ‘can you handle big cocks resume’. At this current moment, I am single and ready for the next big cock fuck session. I am ultimately a size queen and this will never change. I wont be pleased if the dick falls below 10 inches either. Who wouldn’t want their pussy stretched to its max capacity and if I start to bleed form the sheer size, then we just handle this as well.

Not all men are created equal, certainly not!

Well, enough of the ‘get a big cock’ resume session. Let me tell you about this guy named Jason! Ooooohhhhhhhh, giggles! I remember when I first met him at his office, at the time I was on the hunt for a great accountant and he came highly recommended. Shit! When he stepped from behind his desk and I saw that massive load staring at me, I knew I had to have him! He was married at the time, but with a cock like that his wife would have to share. After sucking his cock and stuffing myself full of this beautiful man God I…..


I guess you’ll have to hear all about that encounter in the audio, won’t you? Cum and hear me scream and beg for more!!!

Bailey loves cocks, if this excites you then give me a call!



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