Accomplice Play – How To Turn A Lesbian 101 Part 2

Let’s continue with our accomplice play fun, shall we?

My face is buried between her legs. The hot lesbian on her back is pushing her hips into my mouth and on the verge of orgasm. Just before she explodes, I pull my mouth away from her pussy. She whimpers and bucks her hips. She’s so horny that I know she’ll do anything I want.

I smile as I reach under the bed. When my hand comes back up, I’m holding a 30-foot length of braided rope cord. She gives me an uneasy glance but doesn’t protest when I tell her to turn onto her stomach. Your heart pounds in your ears as you watch me hogtie her into place. Her ankles are tied together, her wrists are tied together, and I bind her hands to her feet so she can’t move. This girl is about to get way more than she bargained for.

You and I are done being playful.

Once she’s secure, that’s your cue to come out from your hiding place. You’re done being a voyeur and now it’s time to be an active participant in this sexcapade.

Her head is facing your closed closet doors. They’re basically a large mirror so she can watch everything that’s about to happen to her. That, and so you can watch her face.

At first, her eyes are unfocused because she’s still on the brink of orgasm. Then, slowly, they clear and widen in surprise. She sees you standing behind her already naked and raging hard. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what you want to do with her.

You position yourself behind her dripping wet pussy and line up your cock. She may be a lesbian but you’ve got the real deal for her. Like it or not, she’s in no position to argue.

Besides, she’s so wet your dick slides right in.

She feels so tight as you thrust in and out of her. You don’t care about what she’s thinking or about how she’s feeling. All you know is that she’s marginally less excited about this than you are.

I start egging you on, encouraging you to fuck her pussy harder, to pound her faster. My fingers make a beeline straight for my soaked pussy as the force of your thrusts make me bounce on the bed next to the two of you.

Your balls tighten but you don’t want to cum too quickly. You want this to last and you want to take your time. However, the thrill of the dirty deed pushes you over the edge and you dump a huge load into the lesbian’s pussy.

But, neither of us are done with our little toy just yet. The night is still so very young and we’re just getting started.

I grab her by the hair and shove her mouth into my pussy.

My orgasm is short to follow yours and it gives you time to recuperate for the next round. How many times will you use her pussy tonight, baby?

We both know the implications here. You can read between the lines. So, if you want the no-limits version of this rough, kinky tale then you know where to go. Take a listen to my audio blog, pull out your cock, and let me encourage you to “have your way with” our little submissive lesbian.


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