Abducted me! Creepy guy in the club grabs Aria part two

The man who abducted me grabs hold of a fist full of my hair and drags me across the floor. He leads me to a filthy bare mattress on the floor and instinct kicks in. I struggle against him as hard as I can. I hear him curse harshly and then feel the impact of the blow right after.

My head starts swimming, my ears ring. The strength of his blow disorients me. I lay there dazed on the filthy mattress as the man gets on top of me. I’m vaguely aware of what’s happening to me, but its like I’m unable to move or speak. So I whimper against the duct tape as his hands slide up under my dress and rips my panties to shreds.

I close my eyes just as he parts my thighs and plunges his cock inside of me.

I thought it would hurt more sue to my lack of arousal, but I barely felt a thing. He began pumping away as hard as he could, but in all honesty, I felt less than if someone stuck a finger inside of me.

I could tell he was trying his best, so for my sake I didn’t laugh or fight it. I lay silently with my legs parts while he pants and groans on top of me. With no great surprise, he reaches his climax and collapses on top of me. We lay there for a couple minutes before he seems to have realized that I was a dead fish the entire time.

What? Was that not good enough for you? Are you such a whore that nothing short of a forearm can satisfy you?!” His words grow darker and more angry. He sits up on his knees above me and his hands wrap around my throat.

I try to struggle against the rope, kick my legs, something.

But he straddles my legs and pins them beneath him. The pressure on my throat cuts off my air and makes my vision go fuzzy. The last thing I see before I fall into the darkness is the man’s face twisted with rage. I think I’m going to die tonight…

Turns out I’m not dying, because I jerk into awareness tied to a bed. The accommodations are better than the filthy mattress on the basement floor, but just barely. Because when I look at my surroundings, I find a well built man guarding the door. There’s a knock, and the man opens the door to reveal a pudgy businessman. He is short and squat, and balding. His skin looks like he has the meat sweats.

The businessman hands the guard a small clip of cash, and the guard steps out of the room. Once we are alone, the businessman starts hastily undressing and the cold dose of realization hits me. My abductor thought I was a whore, so he made me one. As the man climbed on top of me, I turned my face away and let the tears just silently roll down.

This is my life now.

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