Abducted me! Creepy guy in the club grabs Aria part one

When I gain consciousness, I’m in the trunk of a car. I know this, because I hear the engine running, and can feel that I am moving at a high speed. My hands are bound together with rope, my mouth duct taped, but thankfully I am not blindfolded. My brain is hazy as I try to piece together how exactly I got here, and it finally comes to me, clear as a bell. The guy from the club abducted me!

I try to struggle against the rope bindings, but they are too securely tied. I want to scream for help, but my mouth is taped tight. My heart pounds so fast that I can hear my own pulse rushing. Am I going to die? I close my eyes and fight back the tears, wishing that I hadn’t gone dancing tonight.

I’m not sure how long my aggressor drove, or how far we were when he finally stopped the car and got out. I lay extra still so I can try and track him by sound. His steps are unhurried as he makes his way towards the trunk. Despite myself, my heart begins beating even faster, and I wiggle back as deep into the trunk I can go.

When he finally opens the trunk and enters my view, I panic.

I scream against the duct tape and struggle as he reaches in and grabs a hold of me His grip on me is firm and his fingers dig into the flesh of my arm. He jerks me out of the trunk and swings me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I struggle harder, kicking and screaming against the gag, but he slaps my ass so hard that the pain makes me stop.

He takes me inside a house, and then goes down a flight of stairs. I try to observe my surroundings the best I can, to plan an escape. The man dumps me unceremoniously on the cold concrete floor, and I quickly sit up and scoot as far back as I can until my back is against the wall. Now that there is light, I can look up and see my abductor clearly.

He is a slender man, nothing special. Although, I know from experience that he must be strong to just throw me around with ease. He neither short, nor tall, maybe 5’9 at most. His face is average and forgettable, but his eyes… those I will remember until my dying day. His eyes are dark, ink black, and soulless. This man is dangerous, and here I am sitting on the cold floor of his basement.

I feel the hot tears spill from my eyes and I sob.

Whatever this man has in store for me, it’s nothing good. He crouches down in front of me and grabs a hold of my chin, forcing me to look at him. “If you play nice, this will go a lot smoother for the both of us. But if you fight me, I will have to punish you. Now be a good little whore and just behave.”

His voice is like snake oil, dripping down my throat. A new batch of sobbing springs forward and I know that in order to survive, I am going to need to let him do whatever he wants to my body. Through the tears, I nod my head fast to let my captor know that I will behave. He gives me a chilling leer and rises back up to his feet.

I focus on a spot past him, looking at the opposite wall as he begins unbuckling his belt. What was that phrase? Lie back and think of England? I can do that. I can survive the man who abducted me.

Enjoyed part one of my Abducted Me blog? Come back Sunday to read the finale! Or if you want the dirty explicit audio, click here!

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