ABDL Mommy Will Take Care Of You If You Make A Messy, Part 2

With that your Mommy takes you off of her breast, takes your diapee off, lays you across her lap and starts spanking you!  You are not to cum without your Mama’s permission, do you hear me? Now I am going to keep spanking your little hiney making your butt cheeks so red! You know your Mommy doesn’t mind if you cum but it is at Mommy’s discretion that you do so!  Do you understand sweetie? You nod your head yes and Mommy quits spanking you and sits you up in her lap. 

Mommy is cleaning up your diapee getting ready to play. 

Now, if you are that excited at least let Mommy help you play in your nappy, ok sweetie?  You are such a good wil baby! Mommy is going to put you up on the changing table and put a new nappy on you.  I am going to clean you off with those clean smelling baby wipes, grab your cute little teddy bear diapee, slide it under your bottom, baby powder your pee pee and that diapee then pull it closed with the tabs.  There ya go sweetie, all clean!  

Going to the rocking chair I get ready to play with you.

How about you suckle on my breast again sweetie except this time Mama can play with you in your diapee.  Mommy carries you over to the rocking chair, lays you across her lap, pulls out her breast for you to suckle on pulls you tight and starts rocking you.  This time though Mommy is going to put her hand inside of your diapee and play with your pee pee. Oh my, it is getting so hard now! Don’t forget, if you are going to make cummies in your diapee, you need to ask permission from Mommy.  

Doesn’t that feel good sweetie? 

Mama’s soft hand stroking your pee pee.  I feel it twitching and there is some precum on the end of it.  You like the feel of that soft cotton of your nappy rubbing against your pee pee, don’t you?  It is so soft and velvety feeling. The sound of your diapee as it crinkles when I play with you well that just gets your pee pee even harder!  

Oh my, how hard your pee pee is, sweetie!  Mommy’s soft hand is going to keep rubbing on your pee pee, oh yes, there is lots of precum on the tip now.l  Your pee pee is pulsating now because you are getting close. What is that baby? Oh you are getting close, mmm good.  Oh, what is that baby? You need to cummie in your diapee? Oh, I think you need to beg your Mommy while you play with your pee pee. Yes sweetie, I love the way you say please because you sound so sweet! Okay sweetie, why don’t you make cummie for Mommy? Yes sweetie, make cummie for Mommy! Yes, that’s it sweetie!

You feel better now, don’t you sweetie?  Yes, you are such a good wil boy! Such a good boy for Mommy!

If you want to know more of this ABDL Mommy story than check out part 1.  If you want to hear me telling you about my ABDL Mommy story then listen to my audio blog.  I can’t wait to take you to unimaginable bliss!



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