ABDL Mommy Will Take Care Of You If You Make A Messy, Part 1

I am a MILF and a good Mommy because I love all my baby boys. Something I don’t talk about often is my love of ABDL boys. Mommy loves all aspects of the ABDL lifestyle and my goal is to make you feel safe and warm in a nonjudgmental environment. For those of you that do not know what ABDL is and are curious about it, it stands for Adult Baby Diaper Lover.

This is a story of one of my diaper lovers.

You are laying in your crib sucking on your pacifier and you can feel how wet your nappy is. Mommy opens the door, smiling as she walks over to you. Locking eyes with your Mama you feel relieved because she is there to take care of you. Mommy takes you out of your big crib and carries you over to the changing table. Laying down on the changing table she starts to remove your wet diaper and you hear the sound of the plastic as she pulls the tabs away. Your Mommy bunches the plastic diaper together between your legs, pulls it off of you and throws it in the dirty diaper pale.. Did you make a wee wee in your diapee? She playfully, lovingly says. Don’t you worry, Mommy will fix you right up with a new diapee.

Changing of the diaper is one of my favorite parts.

Mommy tickles your feet, goochie, goochie, goo, she says. Goochie, goochie, goo as she tickles your sides. Goochie, goochie, goo, you are such a good wil baby! It is time for Mommy to put a new nappy on you because you are all wet and stinky . As you are laying on the changing table, Mommy gets a clean lil baby wipe and wipes your lil pee pee, balls and bottom. She gets out a plastic, disposable diapee that has little bears all over it! Such a cute lil diapeee for a cute lil baby! She opens the diapee and slips the back underneath your bottom. Baby powdering your pee pee and the diapee, she then pulls the diapee up around your waist. She then pulls those tabs on your diapee closed tight around you. There ya go my precious lil baby.

Looking forward to nursing you I take you over to the rocking chair.

Mommy then takes you over to the rocking chair. Sitting in the rocking chair you lay on Mommy’s lap and she pulls out her succulent breast to feed you her sweet milk. It is a natural reaction to slip your hand in your nappy while you are feeding on your Mommy’s breast. Your pee pee is getting hard while you’re suckling on your Mommy’s breast and you start to rub it. Mommy has your head cradled on her arm and has pulled you tight to her while she sings a lullaby and rocks you.

Your Mommy hasn’t noticed that you have been rubbing on your pee pee until, oopsie, you went cummie in your diapee! Oh no, your Mommy will have none of that! Your Mommy gets stern with you and says “little boy, I can not believe you went cummie in your diaper without Mommy’s permission. You’re going to be punished because you are such a naughty boy!

If you want to know more of this story than check out part 2.  If you want to hear me telling you about my ABDL Mommy blog then listen to my audio blog.  I can’t wait to take you to unimaginable bliss!



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