ABDL – Diaper Love – Tyler Needs His Mommy – Azr – A – 0003 – Part 2

A big smile spreads across his face as I start to slip out of the thin bathrobe and unclasp the left cup of my bra.


Tyler turns and gets into a comfortable position to be able to suckle and see the story at the same time.  As he latches on, I open the book and start to read.  Giggling a little at his favorite parts, he watches as the pictures get brighter on each page.  Involuntarily, his hands move across my pantyhose and he starts to finger the lace for further self-soothing.


When the story is finally over, I wipe the dribbles of milk that have dropped onto his chin.


“Do you like when Mommy gives you milk?”


“Yes, Mommy, very much!”


“That’s a good boy, would you like Mommy to have the same pleasure and get milk from you?”


A sheepish smile formed across his lips, as he averted his eyes and blushed.


“Okay my little one, lay down and let Mommy get some milk from you.”


Tyler quickly pulled his pyjamas off and laid on his back.


I started to tear apart the velcro of the diaper and slide it carefully down.  His cock was fully erect and very excited to be milked!


“Would you like Mommy to tickle your pee pee a little?”


Tyler giggled and wiggled a bit.


I slid my hand lightly from his ball sack, gently up his shaft, and circled the tip of his penis.  A drop of pre-cum was already glistening at his hole.


“Why look!  Mommy is already starting to get some  liquid out of your pee pee!”


“Would you like Mommy to put her mouth on it and taste it, like the way you suck on Mommy’s nipple?”


“Yes, Mommy!”  Tyler exclaimed.


Gently I place my mouth over the tip of his head and start to circle my tongue.  Tyler began to moan, aching for more of him to be put into his Mommy’s mouth.


I back away and spit all over the tip.  A stream of spittle slowly makes its way down, running directly over my red lipstick marks left behind.


Taking my left hand, I start to move the saliva all over his shaft.  My mouth begins to simultaneously move in rhythm with my hand’s pace and Tyler’s groans start to get longer and deeper.  My right hand moves to his very tight balls, begging for release.  I start to tickle and tease them, sending waves of excitement throughout his already stimulating member.


Lifting my mouth up, I ask, “Would you like to give Mommy your milk?”


“Yes, Mommy, may I?”


I respond by ripping my bra off and wrapping my D-cupped breasts around his cock.


Tyler is so excited that he starts moving his cock vigorously through them until I say, “Cum for Mommy my little one”


Thick, white jizz shoots all over my tits and onto my face.  I leave the cum for a minute, while I re-velcro his diaper.


“That’s a good boy,” I say.


“Do you need to make a messy in your diaper now after giving Mommy all your milk?”


Tyler nods his head and while he sits back, waiting to release his bowels, I lean in and ask him to taste his milk off my cleavage.  Obediently, he complies.


As I wipe the rest off of my face and tits, I see Tyler starting to strain.  A faint smell of poopy wafts throughout the air.


If you enjoyed this story, stay tuned for my next story!

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