ABDL – Diaper Love – Tyler Needs His Mommy – Azr – A – 0003 – Part 1

Tyler’s car was in the driveway.  He is never home this early, something must’ve happened at work.


As I walked into the house, I saw his briefcase tossed aside, another telltale characteristic that something was wrong.


As I made my way down the narrow hallway, a trail of toys led me right to Tyler’s play room.  His walls were a powder blue with clouds and zoo animals painted in varying scenes.  A specially made crib, large enough to fit his 6’2” body was pushed up against one of the walls where the greatest collage of animals were illustrated.  Above, a mobile was strategically placed where he could watch the 3D versions of each animal whirl overhead.


As I peeked further into his play room, Tyler was already in his diaper with his favorite pacifier in his mouth, stacking blocks.  I walk over and kissed him on the forehead, leaving a big lipstick kiss on top.  He looked at me with his adoring green eyes and started to nestle the side of his cheek against my hand.


“Did you have a tough day my little one?”


Tyler ignored the question but started pushing his trucks aggressively into his block constructions.


“Let mommy get changed and we will have some good, quality snuggles.  Would you like that?”


Tyler’s eyes got really wide and he started nodding vigorously.


His excitement always warms my heart.  I love seeing my baby so happy.


Stepping out of the room, my red stilettos carefully circumnavigating the toys across the floor.  I slip out of my white silk blouse and out of my black, leather, pencil skirt.  My baby loves the feel of my black pantyhose against his skin and playing with the lace detailing at the top of my thighs, so I know to leave these on for him.  I put on my special lace bra that has the snap cups, so that I am easily able to breastfeed and I wrap myself in my favorite silk robe.


Humming a little down the hall, Tyler knows this means it’s snuggle time.  I hear his feet thudding down the hall in his favorite pyjamas with his animal blankie in tow.


He walks in to see me all stretched across the bed, ready for him to crawl into my arms.


Grabbing his favorite book off his special shelf above his side of the bed, he plops beside me and starts to nuzzle into the alcove of my arm.  Gently stroking his hair and giving him light kisses, he starts to settle down and awaits for the beginning of the story.


“Are you hungry,” I ask, already knowing the answer.


If you’re loving this story so far, stay tuned for more diaper lovin’ in Part II!  Can’t wait, download the full audio, read by me 🙂

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