A Stranger With Chloe On The Beach- part 2

His hands moved to her arms. Her Perfect stranger.
He touched her in a way that implied he was more interested in what he was feeling than what she was. That vague callousness was comforting in a way – if he remained detached from her, maybe she could stay that way too.

She couldn’t stifle the intake of breath when he brushed her hair to one side of her neck. The trembling grew in intensity when she felt his breath just below her ear.

“Relax, miss,” he whispered as the heat of his lips met her skin.

A sound like the perfect mixture of terror and contentment came from low in her throat. She was melting and unable to save herself. She wanted to cry out, “Stop it! Let me go!” but she knew that even if he did, she was unable to walk away from him.

“Mmmmm,” he murmured, “You are just as I imagined. Sweet to my eyes, sweet to my nostrils, sweet to my lips. But I imagine there is even sweeter tastes to be had?”

He asked the question, knowing that she was already so wet that it had dampened the top of her thighs. He caught the hot scent of her arousal and she felt him growing hard against her back.

“Is there anything you want to say?” he asked, circling her completely with his arms.

She looked down at the arms that held her – how strong, how sure he was of himself. Her sense of self was fading quickly, just as she knew it would.

She couldn’t think clearly, she couldn’t even speak now – only feel. But the way she felt! It was as if all her nerves were directly exposed to him – there was no protection from him now, no more hiding. At this moment, there was only overwhelming pleasure, but just as she felt unprotected from him now, she felt exquisitely separate from the rest of the world.

Her head bowed and turned as if she was trying to shake herself from his spell, but her action only caused her cheek to brush against his arm, almost affectionately. She smelled his personal smell. Clean, slightly scented with soap, musky with pheromones. She felt faint and she’d never even seen his face. He raised her dress up for the world to see exposing her. “this will be quick” he mumbled in her ear. Suddenly a huge cock was placed inside her and it took everything not to scream from the excitement.

Her perfect stranger, meeting together here on the beach finally.


She felt him pick up an extremely fast pace. Her body shaking from the pure extascy. Electricity shot through her. Every muscle in her body clenched so tightly, and like a waterfall she climaxed. Moaning out loudly from the pure pleasure. He banged into a few more times harshly before finally cumming himself. Filling her insides full of hot liquid. She mentally begged him to stay that way, but as quick as he came, he pulled out; placing her dress down in its proper spot as if nothing happened. She heard his zipper zip up, and felt his body lean into hers. His hot mouth at her ear. “I’ll see you again, same time next week beautiful!” and just like his warmth, his touch, was all gone.

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