A Stranger With Chloe On The Beach- part 1

She stood alone at the rail, enjoying the solitude at the beach for the first time in her life. It was always the company of others that brought her security but at this moment, she knew the impending visit was the most dangerous act of her whole life.

The sky was the color of a lightly bruised peach, ranging through corals, reds, and fading out above her to a deep purple. The sea before her blended seamlessly into the sky on the horizon, calm as far as she could see except for the narrow frothy fringe that caressed the sand.

She took a long, relaxing breath – the salt air a tingle in her nostrils.

There was no place that brought her more peace than standing beside the ocean here at the beautiful beach. As her eyes closed, she smiled vaguely, thinking that it was the most powerful natural force on the planet. The concept of power made her feel safe. Power outside of herself.

She glanced again at the horizon where the sun had just disappeared and wondered how long it would be before he arrived. ¬†She’d dressed as he’d asked, wearing a long white sundress and nothing else. The wind off the water continually threatened to lift the skirt of it and expose her to the world, the cool air swirling between her legs kept that pleasant quiver active in the pit of her stomach.

Finally the sound of footsteps on the pavement behind her tugged her attention away from the sea.

The urge to turn and assuage her curiosity fought inside her with the knowledge of how wrong this all was and also with the fear that he might not give her his approval. It had never made sense to her why she should care so much whether he did or not and why here at the beach of all places?

She kept asking herself why she had come. It was wrong. She knew she would feel guilt as soon as it was over. She felt guilt for just being here now. It was too hard to say no anymore when her whole body betrayed her.

Maybe the footsteps weren’t his, maybe she would turn and run and not look back.

But the footsteps slowed as they drew nearer, then stopped directly behind her.

She closed her eyes again and gripped the railing to steady herself. His eyes burned into her flesh – she could feel them rove over her body from her head down to her feet. Her breath had already quickened and she was certain he could hear her heart pound over the hiss of the surf.

It was an eternity that she was held this way.

So long that she felt she would burst if she didn’t turn and confront him. Just before that point, she heard him move closer.

The unexpected pressure and warmth of strong hands on her hips made her gasp.

“Ssh,” his voice soothed her, but the trembling did not subside. Strange how the very same voice could cause such anxiety and such peace at the same time.

He pressed her against his body and through the thin fabric of the dress, she felt how strong and solid he was, warm and safe. She sighed as her body relaxed against him.


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