A Pup Called Emily-A Puppy Play Tale Part 1

A Pup Called Emily-A Puppy Play Tale Part 1. My mind races as I chase after the toy, the hardwood floor cold beneath my hands and knees. Although unbound, I would never consider rising on two legs to chase after the little rubber dildo. I am his puppy, and have been since he got home from work Friday. An entire weekend as his dirty slut doggy.

How wonderfully he torments me.

I shouldn’t but I feel beautiful in only a black leather collar and heels. When I return to his chair, the dildo is firmly between my teeth and I resist a bit as he takes it out of my mouth, feeling my pussy get wet when he entwines his hand in my hair and jerks hard enough I drop the phallus into his other hand.

“Bad girl, now sit!” he scolds as I look up at his beautiful face.

He yanks down on my puppy tail butt plug and I wince as it stretches my ass wide. It hurts and makes me whimper and whine as I grind my pussy against the chilly floor. I haven’t orgasmed in hours and my clit aches.

When he runs his fingers through my hair and over my face I lap at his fingers with my tongue, tasting my pussy from earlier probing. He throws the rubber toy across the room again, smacking my ass hard as I try to scurry across the room as graciously as possible, this time depositing the toy at his feet humbly.

Good girl, heel.”

I know this means to put my face to the ground, ass up high and wriggling with excitement.

He shoves the toy inside my cunt roughly and then idly fucks me with it. I’m an excited puppy slut and push back onto it, aching for release. I start to pant subconsciously, mouth open and tongue out, eyes wide, the whimpering noises not sounding as if they were my own.

“Is my puppy thirsty?”

I’m not really but I can only whine and hump the toy even more. He likes it when I’m full, and as he sets my water dish down I lower my head to lap up the water gratefully. I haven’t quite got the knack of drinking out of a dish so the water runs down my chin and over my tits, making him laugh. I feel the toy leave my cunt and I squirm and moan, trying to voice my anxiety without begging in words for his cock.

A Pup Called Emily-A Puppy Play Tale Part 1

“Drink up girl,” he instructs.

So I greedily consume the rest of the water and push the bowl towards his feet with my nose, watching the delight and lust in his eyes at my eagerness. I take a chance at a whipping and bury my face into his cloth covered crotch, wriggling my bottom as I feel the tail brush against my ass cheeks. When he unzips his pants and rubs his cock on my face I’m flattered and grateful. I suck and lick his cock hungrily, enjoying the feel of its smoothness in my mouth.

Come back for more of my puppy tale on Wednesday! If you can’t wait, hear the story in my own words in audio. Hmmmnnnn…and you’ll get to hear me moan.

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