A Lesbian Attraction

A Lesbian Attraction. My parents felt that I was old enough to fend for myself for one weekend. They had a twentieth high-school reunion they had decided to attend, and there was no way they were going to make me go to a thing like that. So I had a whole weekend on my own…

We did all things Fun

I invited Cindy my ‘then’ best friend over to stay for the night and her parents said yes, ’cause they didn’t know that mine weren’t gonna be there. We did all the usual stuff that two healthy teenage girls do. Then after watching TV for a couple of hours, I suggested that we go swimming, cause it was a hot night and Cindy didn’t have a pool, so I thought it would be a treat for her. Well of course she hadn’t brought a suit, and I offered her one of mine.

However I got a bright Idea

But for some reason, I said “let’s do something crazy”. And I asked her if she would go swimming nude with me. I mean we had this great big fence around the backyard, and no one would know. The idea turned me on for some reason. Cindy wasn’t sure about the whole thing, but once she saw me strip right in front of her, she took off all her clothes too. So we walked through the house and out to the pool nude.

Hoped for the next move 

I kept darting glances at Cindy, cause she was stacked for 18, and I hadn’t seen her without clothes before. We held hands and jumped into the pool feet first.  You have no idea how turned on I was, swimming around in the pool naked with another girl. I think I look pretty good, I mean my body is fine, and I hoped that Cindy might want to touch me in the water.

Suddenly that intense moment 

I couldn’t help myself, I kept brushing against her, and several times in our horseplay I trapped her against the edge of the pool and pushed my whole body against her. Wow that  felt good. Well after a while I suggested that we jump into the hot tub. As we were getting in, I glanced over at Cindy and saw her looking at me. She had this  speculative look on her eyes, at any rate, my heart started to pump. However she held my eyes with hers as I lowered myself into the hot water. I couldn’t see her breasts very well because of all the bubbles. But I could see her beautiful breasts. We talked for a while and started playing truth or dare.

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