A Hot Three-Way Fantasy

A Hot Three-Way Fantasy. It wasn’t the first time she had joined us; I knew what she liked by now. She was soon squirming and moaning in pleasure at the movements of my tongue. Between her moaning and his cock still thrusting inside me, I knew I was about to cum. He leaned down and gently licked my nipples, knowing I was close and wanting to push me over the edge. I came. Hard. My tongue ceased moving against her cunt as I moaned. As my body shook with pleasure, she leaned down and kissed me deeply. He continued to thrust gently inside me as he played with my breasts.

Suddenly drank up my juices 

She reached down and fingered my wet clit, I moaned and came again. Harder this time. They kissed as I squirmed below them. He felt my body relax and moved down to lap up my juices as she resumed kissing me and began to play with my breasts herself. I knew at this point that I couldn’t take much more, and I did have to get some sleep – so my roommate and I turned our attention to him. I wanted to get him off before the night was through.

I gripped his cock 

She whispered in his ear, ‘What next, big boy?’ I gripped his cock, gently stroking him as we awaited instruction. He lay back smiling for a moment, before telling us what he wanted. Then she positioned her wet cunt over his face as I slowly licked his cock. I teased him, taking just a bit in my mouth, then retreating, then taking a bit more…until he filled my mouth and throat.

He was swimming in wetness

I began to make long, slow movements, sucking him as I gripped his shaft in my right hand, twisting gently but firmly. I soon realized I was moaning on his dick, I wanted him – no – needed him inside me. So I grabbed his cock and slid it in, riding him slowly. My breathing grew heavier and I moaned, I could feel how wet I was. I heard myself saying his name, over and over. He moaned into her pussy as his hands found my hips and gripped them hard.

A Hot Three-Way Fantasy

She came on his face, mewing gently as we ground our hips together, totally in sync. My whole body is tingling, I can never get enough of him. He let out a series of short moans, increasing in pitch until her cum on his face made him fight to hold back a scream as he orgasmed. I felt his hot cum as he convulsed inside me and came with him, involuntarily. I fell into him, exhausted and utterly satisfied. She kissed us both and went to take a shower. He smiled and kissed my forehead, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms, his cum still dripping from my tired cunt.

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