A Hot Three-Way Fantasy

A Hot Three-Way Fantasy. I slid into bed and lay under the covers, wearing red lacy lingerie. I was about to open my book and wind down for the night when he walked in. He peeled off my blankets and removed my lingerie with his teeth. I let out a small giggle of pleasure and surprise at the interruption. I pushed a hand to his chest, forcing him to stand. Naked now, I maintained eye contact as I slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt, then his pants. He now stood, smiling wryly, in only his boxers.

Suddenly My Jaw Dropped  

I could see that he was hard, but I wasn’t done yet. I kissed his lips softly, then made my way down. Stopping to suck his neck for a moment before kissing down his chest. I heard him inhale roughly, I could feel his heartbeat quicken beneath my lips. My mouth soon approached his waist and I fell to my knees as I removed his boxers.

Afterwards I twisted gently 

I looked up at him, and moving my long hair behind my shoulder, took his cock into my mouth. Moving one hand down to move against my clit, I felt how wet I was and let out a quiet groan of pleasure. I began to make long, slow movements, sucking him as I gripped his shaft in my right hand, twisting gently but firmly. I soon realized I was moaning on his dick, I wanted him – no – needed him inside me. So I grabbed his cock and slid it in, riding him slowly.

Such a great feeling

My other hand joined my mouth in caressing his cock. I licked him with long, slow twirls of my tongue. I knew he couldn’t stand this for long. He pulled me up, grabbing my hips to lift me into the air. I wrapped my long legs around his waist as he threw me back onto the bed. Before I could gain my bearings, he was inside of me. I felt at once the whole of his cock and gasped. He was thrusting into me now, hard enough to move me back and forth across the mattress. I squeezed him hard between my thighs.

An addition to the bedroom 

He looked down as we fucked, watching his cock slowly exit and re-enter my wet pussy. The air reverberated with our moans, grunts, and sighs of pleasure. We heard a knock on the door and smiled at each other. We knew it was my roommate, she had heard our moans and wanted to join us. We agreed and she positioned herself over my mouth. She was already wet with excitement.

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