A Fountain Fantasy – Sky loves to squirt Part 2

A Fountain Fantasy – Sky loves to squirt Part 1 Finally, I came. Came hard. I whimpered as my hand kept working. My whole body shook as waves of orgasm overcame me. I was determined to keep going. My clit hurt as I stopped massaging it. However, I allowed my fingers to stay inside my cunt though and continued fucking me despite my hips bucking raw against them. My sheets were soaked underneath my ass.

The Ice cube took charge

After a few minutes, my clit took more stroking. My pussy was slippery and hot to my touch. I doubt an ice cube would last long down there. Immediately I came again with a stronger one then rested for a few minutes. I took an ice cube from my glass on the nightstand and put it in me holding it inside with my hand. The cold hit me and my hips bucked. I was so hot it felt really good. A couple of minutes inside and it was just a fraction of itself.

My skin was flushed with warmth

I got my vibe from the nightstand, turned off my light, and took off my clothes. It was eight inches long and four inches thick. I liked to be stretched and full. I got maybe seven inches inside me and just left it in while I rubbed my clit. Closed my eyes and just enjoyed my skin all flush with warmth and orgasm and my pussy pulsing like crazy. My pussy juice was flowing like a river down my ass onto the bed. Glad I had plastic under my sheets.

I grimaced and fell back

It didn’t take long before an orgasm hit and another followed. My pussy tried to push the vibe out so I held it with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. Didn’t think my third orgasm would be much. It wasn’t as deep as it seemed as it began. I watched down below as my cunt reacted trying to push my vibe out. All a sudden, it felt like I had to pee. I let the vibe pop out and fluid came out of my pussy hitting the bedspread. I grimaced and fell back and one strong squirt after another happened and my pussy came harder than ever before. My ass came off the bed and my legs went weak. The whole bed was soaked. My orgasm was powerful. It wouldn’t stop. Several strong waves overcame me as I squealed into my hands.

Afterwards I laid there totally satisfied 

Not sure if I blacked out or not. My whole body tingled as I became aware it was over. I was exhausted. The bed was soaked, my legs were soaked and my musky scent filled the room. I just laid there totally satisfied and weak. It took maybe twenty minutes before I could get up. Other than my first cum, it was the best one. My hand massaged my pussy lightly and I smiled. I squirted and squirted hard.

Suddenly I fell asleep quickly

Finally, I got up and my body was sore. A good kind of sore. Drank a whole glass of water and wanted more. Got in the shower and took a long one. Cleaned up the bed and got new sheets and a bedspread. I fell asleep quickly and woke up wondering if everything was a dream. Had gotten quite wet sleeping. Had to do that again tonight.

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