A Fountain Fantasy – Sky loves to squirt Part 1

A Fountain Fantasy – Sky loves to squirt Part 1 It was maybe nine at night when I was in bed watching television. Just wearing pink panties and a white tee and laying on top of my bedspread. My parents didn’t go to bed till ten so I stayed dressed in case I had to go get something. My door was shut. Didn’t think they’d walk in but never know. I got bored with the show on the tube so I started playing with my pussy with my left hand. Just grazing my fingers up and down on my lips to my clit.

I slipped under the covers

My legs were spread and my other hand massaged my hardening nipples. My hips moved almost unconsciously with my ministrations on my pussy. A small wet spot formed on my panties. Could feel it. My pussy pulsed and I moved my head back and forth on the thick pillow. A small ache deep inside was begging for a finger inside me. I slipped under the covers and put my hand inside my panties. My hand teased my pussy with a couple of fingers inside and my thumb on my clit.

A rougher Stimulation 

Just played with my pussy and watched the drama on television. I kept a couple of fingers inside and moved my thumb roughly on my engorged clit. It felt like a dull ache just growing till it felt like my clit wouldn’t stop. Just a little rougher stimulation and I’d come hard. But, decided to deny me. My pussy juiced and wetted my whole hand. My hips moved up and down, undulating on my fingers.

This took concentration 

My breaths were labored and it was getting impossible to stave off my orgasm. I slowed down on my clit to just my hand there and my body jerked. My mind was saying come but wanted to stay on the mountain. Hadn’t yet achieved multiple orgasms. Wanted to. My pussy and clit still pulsed and my fingers went back to work. My legs were wide apart and my skin was flush. Moans escaped my lips. My eyes closed and I concentrated on having a fucking powerful orgasm.

I Kept my thumb working

I massaged my clit with my thumb and spread my pussy with three fingers. My fingers rotated inside touching every part of my cunt. An orgasm welled from deep inside and my clit was sensitive. Kept my thumb working my clit anyway. My hips were moving with my massage and finger fucking. It was close.

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