A Foot Worship Romance: An Unforgettable Experience – Part One

My introduction to foot worship came very early. I was 18 and  I had private voice lessons with a vocal instructor in his home. Charles always commented on how perfect my feet were and I was shocked someone complimented that, I never had a guy comment on my toe nail polish or the beauty of my high arches. I’d had a crush on him for a long time and once I was single,  there was no denying my crush turned into full blown attraction.

The way he looked at me made me think he was equally attracted to me. One night, he offered to rehearse a piece I’d been preparing for a concert.  I went to his home as I normally did, when I arrived I was nervous. I was more nervous about being alone with him than I was about I felt I had a colony of butterflies in my stomach!

This particular day, was busy and earlier that morning I’d gone to a dance rehearsal that was brutal. My feet were a bit achy and Charles noticed when he saw me moving about. I explained it was a particularly busy day and my feet were sore and achy. He offered to rub my feet, said he had excellent technique since he was also a pianist. I agreed.

The man had the most magical fingers my feet have ever experienced!

The strength of his hands was incredible. I loved how gentle he was on my arches as they hurt the most. Before I could say anything he adjusted on the couch with my feet on his lap and I felt how rock hard he was. I was surprised, but I was intrigued and I was very attracted to him… Okay, I was horny too!

While he rubbed my left foot, I moved my right foot over his crotch.

Fuck! His cock was so hard, I could feel it throb through his pants. Truthfully, I was already soaking through my pantyhose and was very turned on. I have never combined feet and sex before. Who knew it could be so hot? By this point, Charles knew I was interested in more than a foot rub and took things a bit further. He ripped a hole on the toe of my pantyhose and started kissing each toe before sucking them. 

Oh, fuck.. that was so hot! I was just desperate for him to rip a little higher and let me experience his sexy mouth on my pussy.

He then turned over his attention to the other foot, doing the same after he ripped that side. After a while, I moved my free foot to his crotch and asked him to take it out so I could rub it with my foot. He eagerly obliged… I was soaking through my pantyhose by then. All I wanted was to feel his mouth on me and his throbbing cock inside me.

I opened my legs so he could see that wet spot in my pantyhose, the wetness from my pussy was dripping out. He immediately ripped a hole between my legs and graced my pussy with his amazing tongue. Oh, my god, what an incredible tongue! This must be heaven….

If you can’t wait to read what happens next, you can purchase the full audio right now!

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