A Deep Dark Secret Shared With My Sisters Boyfriend- Part 4

By now I am assuming that I do not need to recap you have read the other parts right? I mean 1, 2, and 3 are there just waiting on you. If you have not checked out the audio yet then you really are missing out, because the audio has so much more. I am so consumed with this deep dark secret. To be honest, I am waiting for him to get out of my shower as I write this. I can smell his soap from my bed and my pussy is reacting to it. I am so wet even though we just fucked I am craving him again. Really I  do not know if it is just because this is so very wrong that made it so enticing. Obviously, the sex was great a giant cock that could fuck all day attached to a very sexy tall dark man. 


Occasionally, my sister would pop into my head, but he would pull me right back into the moment with just a touch of pain. 


To return to the subject, my toes were covered in his spit and he moved my hand placing both feet on his cock. Using one hand to stroke his shaft with my arches and the other to pinch my wet clit. The aching turned into a burning as I felt each rush of blood expand his already fat head. He wiped his precum onto his fingers and shoved them deep into my mouth telling me to look at what a bad girl I am, what I am making him do. My mouth watered almost as much as my pussy and I started to beg. I needed to be fucked, but he ignored my pleas, rubbing my clit as I bucked and twisted against the restraint, and then stopped for just a few moments. 


My brain was so consumed with want that I could not even make out the words to beg anymore. It all came out as whimpering. This deep dark secret was so worth it. I mean I have never ever craved someone inside of me the way that I was at this exact moment. It was as if an electric current was running over my body. Simultaneously, pulling me up and turning me over so that he could spread my cheeks. Smearing my wetness all over my sweet tight asshole for the purpose of, causing just a little pain. Without using any other lube he plunged all 10 inches inside of my ass. Causing me to run forward. He pins me down hard wrapping his hands around my throat as he thrusts deeper into my tightest hole.


Using the other hand he reaches around and starts to rub my clit.


Whispering to me how now that I was part of his deep dark secret, I was going to be his dirty little pain whore. All the anticipation had me ready before he even got to my house. My pink wet walls clenched against him as I squirted all over him. He was close and my orgasm brought him over with me. Although, instead of stopping he just kept thrusting. This was going to be way too much fun. How was I ever going to stop?

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