A Deep Dark Secret Shared With My Sisters Boyfriend- Part 3


It seems as though this is going to become a mini-series seeing that, a deep dark secret, has gotten a lot more fun! Obviously, by now you read parts one and two right? I sure hope you caught the audio. I mean if you heard it I am sure you understand why I could not stop and why I went deeper down the rabbit hole. Most importantly, just why I am here confessing to you about just how bad I am. By now, I should feel guilty, right? I mean I want to, but this is better than I ever could have imagined. Trust me I have a very very vivid imagination. Well, I am sure you are just dying with anticipation, just like I was during our hot steamy phone sex sessions. 


So, it has been about two weeks since my last confession. The phone sex was amazing, I was orgasming more than ever, but it was inadequate, to say the least. Was it just that it was wrong that made my body tremor with desire? Was it that very large cock in his pants? Honestly, I am not sure, but it is probably a bit of everything. We were about 4 days into our hot steamy phone sessions when things changed. He called me earlier than normal and sounded all business. Saying he had yet another deep dark secret. By now, I should have known better, I mean look at this mess I created when I listened to the 1st secret. 


“I pictured fucking you last time I was making love to your sister” he whispered.


Damm, that was it that was the moment this went from dark to way over the line. My brain screamed protests at me as my lips said come over now I am sending you the address. Texting the address before I could talk myself out of it. Followed by the doors are unlocked cum find me and show me just what you pictured. I got naked grabbing my blindfold and restraints. Obviously, I can’t restain both hands, but I did the left and put on the blindfold. I heard him enter the house and start his hunt. My bedroom was the first place he searched for. I could tell he was stopped short by the sight of me tied to the bed, unable to see, ready to feel pain and pleasure together. 


Finally, I heard him start to undress and I am losing my mind. Every hair standing on edge. Knowing I was about to be fucked by someone off-limits, someone I craved so badly. His warm brown hands moved from my thighs down my long legs moving to my pretty pink toes. Picking up my feet he put both of my big toes into his mouth. Nibbling on them softly placing my heels on his chest. In other words, freeing up his hands. Those long fingers clasping my nipples and pulling hard. As a result, my body jerked up hard, and he noticed I was only partially restrained. Taking my free hand he placed it on his long hard shaft, as he went to town on my toes. 


Man, what am I going to do about this deep dark secret?

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