A Deep Dark Secret Shared With My Sisters Boyfriend- Part 2


Oh, you’re back for part two of a deep dark secret huh? If you missed part one rather than just a recap here is the link doll.  Are you as into confessions as I am? Maybe you have your own secret you want to share with me? Of course, I sure hope you listened to the even sexier version of this deep dark secret! Now, where did I leave off… oh that’s right I just showed my sister’s boyfriend that my fingers were knuckle deep inside of myself.


Now, the ball was in his court, and he sure did not disappoint me at all. Pulling back his phone I could see his hard pretty cock in his hand, oh my was all I could think. My fingers started plunging deeper as I bit my lip in response. Damm that thing was seriously impressive! Long, and thick I could see how anal would cause just the correct amount of pain. 


Admittedly, I knew I should end this. Stop sharing this deep dark secret. In spite of this, I was picturing choking on that giant cock. 


We started talking about giving and taking pain from each other, and our breathing grew heavier as we worked each other into an orgasm. To be honest, I was fighting the urge to tell him to come on over and show me just how painful he could make it. Honestly, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to watch those full pink lips or that strong gorgeous shaft. In other words, it was getting harder and harder to look at him as off-limits. I wanted him badly, right now. To come to my door, and push me against it as I close it behind him. Pinning me there, while his lips go straight to my nipple and he snatches them with his teeth. 


His right hand finding my throat, while his left pulls out that big cock of his. Shoving it against my wet ready pussy, but not putting it in. Rubbing it against my overstimulated clit and telling me to beg. Teasing me until it felt like a bomb was going to go off inside of my very wet pulsating twat. Simultaneously, we seemed to reach the climax. Could he read my deep dark secret, that I knew I wanted to fuck my sister’s boyfriend?


Obviously, we had to stop this. It was wrong of me, right? I could not find the strength to stop as I brought my cum drenched fingers to my mouth and started sucking them. His cock reacted instantly, even though there was still cum drizzling down the side. We went for round 2 without hesitation. Since then we have done this 2 times a day daily. Each time it gets harder and harder to resist actually fucking him!


Well, it looks like we now both have a deep dark secret now.

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