A Deep Dark Secret Shared With My Sisters Boyfriend


I am sure by now everyone knows that I have pretty extreme fantasies but no one who really wants to act them out with me. Well, I may have rectified that situation. I know I should be a bit ashamed of myself, but it just feels so good that I am not really thinking about the consequences. Before I let go of my biggest secret yet, let me tell you just how this began. My sister has been seeing this man for a short time now, and he came to me because he needed some help. He had a deep dark secret to confess! He wanted advice on just how to handle telling my sister about his fetish. Obviously, I just love a good spilling of the guts so of course, I listened. 

Now, I do not normally make it a habit of becoming too friendly with my sister’s boy toys, but this one happened to know a few friends of mine and we had become acquaintances. Under these circumstances, he knows what I do for a living, and has been very open-minded about it all. He sent me a Skype message asking me if I would mind talking to him about his relationship. I figured no harm no foul right maybe I could help my sister out.

He said he would be more comfortable talking on the phone and asked to give me a call. I was in the bathtub as usual, but I said sure why not. I mean what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him right? When he called he sounded a bit abashed and asked this to be a no-judgment zone. Of course, Doll Face this is what I do!


“I have a deep dark secret, and I am unsure how to tell your sister!”


“Well, now that you have my attention, what is on your mind?” I ask. He stammers a bit more and then tells me that he really gets off on causing a bit of pain during sex. Not quite a Sadist or even a top, but things like anal play, choking, and even a bit of biting. To be honest, I am quite surprised I mean my sister is a bit of a prude and I never saw this scenario coming up.

I mean I could see the attraction, he is caramel colored about 6 ft tall with wide strong shoulders. Just starting to go salt and pepper in the beard and all around just plain yummy. However, doesn’t one discuss sexual preferences when dating? They are polar opposites! Of course, there are no judgments here. I love those things. Admittedly, laying in the bubble bath, listening to his deep voice whisper a deep dark secret had my clit react. 


It probably did not help that I was now picturing his long strong body choking me from behind while he bit my shoulder and filled my tight little asshole. 


My pussy was throbbing wet, and I started to rub on it which is the first step I took into traveling into the world of sharing a deep dark secret with my sister’s boyfriend. Of course, he heard the water moving and asked what I was doing and where I was at. So, here was my chance do I be honest, and share my own deep dark secret. I lifted my phone and hit the facetime button. Here goes nothing! Watching his big brown eyes carefully as he answered the only thing I could see was intrigue. I moved the phone up and down my body letting him take it all in, including the fingers that were inside my sweet little slit. 

Are you enjoying my deep dark secret? I have so much more to tell you. This is just the beginning of the rabbit hole. If you can not wait for part 2 or you want to hear some of the dirtier details well be sure that you check out this audio! I also assure you that if you liked this one well I just know you will like my Rayne shower


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