A Coffee Erotica: Brewing With the Barista Part Two

Cum back for more? Of course, you did. So, there I was getting on my knees, about to suck my baristas cock with a chocolate covered coffee bean in my mouth. I knelt in front of him and took his whole cock into my mouth. The bean resting between my tongue and his shaft. I then began to suck his cock with my coffee tasting mouth.

“Swirl the bean on my head,” he asked.

I did as I was instructed and swirled the bean at the head of his dick. Chocolate and spit dripping from my mouth. Wanting that sweet creamy cum I kept sucking his dick. After a few moments he told me he was about to cum. He then pushed me away, grabbed a mug and came inside of it. The barista then added coffee to the mug and chugged it.

That is one way to add cream to your coffee.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I can cum a lot.” I shrugged with a smirk and finished chewing and swallowing the bean. Next, he brought out the ground coffee beans and butter coffee. “I want you to give me a hand job using these,” he requested. We moved to the bathroom as not to make a mess.

Grabbing some grounds I poured some butter coffee into my hands to make a wet mound. I rubbed the mixture onto his shaft and started stroking it up and down. I could feel the texture of the ground coffee against his shaft. Surprisingly, it turned me on a bit. I felt like this night was going to be more about his pleasure and I was okay with that.

I get pleasure from giving pleasure.

Continuously stroking his cock. Grabbing more mixture and using it. The barista was in heaven. Then he grabbed my hair and asked if he could drink coffee while I stroked his dick. I aim to please, so I said yes. He stood there drinking his coffee and moaning while I stroked his cock with this mixture of coffee grounds and butter coffee. Eventually, he came but not before a warning and moving his cup to the tip of his penis to catch his cum once more.

After catching it with his mug and chugged it back along with the rest of his coffee.

Finally, was the cold brew enema. He showed me that he had brought supplies for an enema and the cold brew. He stood there naked and bent over to touch his toes. I put some lube on the tube and shoved into his ass hole. I then attached the bag that was filled with cold brew. It began to slowly enter his body and he moaned with pleasure. The bag does not empty completely but I can tell that no more is going in. So, I undo the bag and pull out the tube.

We stood there for a few minutes and then I left him alone so he could eliminate the cold brew I had just put inside of him. After a few moments he came out completely and utterly satisfied.


Unsure of how we got to coffee enema? Check out A Coffee Erotica: Brewing With the Barista Part One. Want to hear all the naughty details? Go purchase the audio here.

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