A Coffee Erotica: Brewing With the Barista Part One

Indoor dining is starting to open again. I decided to take the risk and sit down for a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. My barista was a handsome younger male with a cute little nose piercing. I order my usual in a flirty manner and went to sit while I waited for my name to be called. Soon my name was called, and I returned to the counter to fetch my mug. What did I find but a penis made using the foam of my coffee. I chuckled and returned to my seat.

After drinking my beverage, I decided to order one for the road and head home. I felt like I had spent enough time out in the real world and wanted to go home to disinfect. As my name was called to the counter again to fetch my to go order I noticed something. There was the baristas number written on the side of the cup. I smirked and walked out of the shop.

I store the phone number in my phone for a just in case and continued about my day. A few days later I was grinding coffee beans at home. The smell of fresh ground coffee beans was starting to get me a little worked up. Thinking about shoving the barista on to the coffee counter and having my way. I figured fuck it and grabbed my phone and sent the guy a text. He immediately responded. We talked for a few days. Mostly sexual. Tad, which is his name, had admitted that he chooses to work as a barista because coffee turns him on.

Coffee. Hmm. That is a fetish I have not tried yet.

Why not? I invited him over and told him to bring his various supplies. The kids were at their dad’s house that night and so I was home alone. He arrived with what seemed like a grocery store worth of coffee supplies. I invited him in and helped bring in the supplies.

We took them to my bedroom and started to unload. There was cold brew, hot brew, ground coffee, chocolate covered coffee beans and more. I was a little overwhelmed. I had no idea what I had in store, but I was pretty damn excited. We started by kissing.

He tasted of frothy milk and roasted coffee.

I had heard that caffeine is an aphrodisiac. I felt like I was getting mass amounts of caffeine just by kissing him. He stopped kissing me, poured some hot coffee in one of his mugs, and told me to drink. Usually, I domme but in this case I decided I would follow his lead.

The world of coffee kink being so foreign.

As a started to drink from the cup he pulled for his pants and his cock was already hard. He then started playing with himself. Unable to stop staring I had stopped drinking. He took a chocolate covered coffee bean and popped it into my mouth. He then demanded I suck his cock.

I know it should kind of strange, but it was a fun night. Finish reading about it on Sunday when A Coffee Erotica: Brewing With the Barista Part Two is released. Want to know what I have been up to before this? Check out Part One of my last blog about pegging my neighbor. Cannot wait to hear all the naughty details? Purchase the audio here.

Kisses and Spankings,



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